Perfect for the non minty or out of box collector this is our Funko Pop Damaged Grail Box Mystery Box! Take a chance and score big! Each Box contains 1-6 pops. Guranteed $100 Value per Box. Most boxes are worth over $100. No Limit Per Customer. Only 30 boxes made so don't miss out! Pick Your Box Number!


Top Pulls:

Pop Rides Baby With Dean Summer Convention

The Creeper (Scooby Doo) 2017 Spring Convention Exclusive

Blue Glitter Heisenberg 2015 Summer Convention Exclusive

Luna Lovegood (With Glasses) 2017 Summer Convention Excluisve

Bloody William Wallace FYE Exclusive

Luke Skywalker and Wampa 2014 SDCC Exclusive

Vaulted Ghostface


Several of the pops are exclusives, chases, and vaulted! Some pops will have damage ranging from minor to major (Most are in great condition). There is 2 signed pops whose values will be based off Ebay sales. Values are of PPG and Funko face value as of Sept 5, 2020. By Purchasing you agree to terms and conditions.


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